It was quite windy and cold at the top, but very rewarding!

dia siete - Today is hiking day at the volcano Colima. Here is some information to provide some background...


We climbed to the peak of the sleeping volcano Nevado outside of Colima today. What an experience that was! We had an awesome tour guide that drove us up a winding road to the base of the cone at approximately 11,000 feet (I am not sure exactly what our elevation was there) and then guided us through the volcanic ash and up the lava rocks to the peak at 14,206 feet.

The volcano complex actually includes three volcanoes, one of which is active. The one that is active is called Fuego and it the most active volcano in Mexico and ranked by geologists as the fifteenth most active volcano in the world. It would have been neat to hike inside that one, but considering the fact that there are Mexican national park rangers monitoring its activity from observatories on the mountain we climbed I think we picked the right one.

Nevado was pretty challenging – I think we went up and came back down the main cone from when the volcano was last active in about 4 hours. Our guide showed us how to do the group mountain climbing technique known as leap-frogging to ensure that no boulders could roll down and hit climbers that followed on the trail. The lack of oxygen in the atmosphere caused me to feel fatigued and by the end of the hike I was spent.

I have done many hikes but this one will be especially memorable. I have never seen rock formations quite like the ones I saw today and the fact that we defeated the mountain of imposing steepness allowed me to feel a real sense of accomplishment. Attention Period 7B-8 Earth Science: there will be more pictures for me to share with you upon my return.
That's the observatory for the the active volcano Fuego on the sleeping volcano where we were.another_weather_station.JPG

That's a random weather station in the lava sand. I am sorry if it is kind of nerdy but I am extremely fond of random weather stations, especially when they are sitting in lava sand.

After the hike we are on to Tapalpa, a friendly town known to Mexicans as a great place to vacation.

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Lat. and Long. data: 19° 57' North, 103° 46' West
Elev. 6,719 ft.
Population 16,057

We are in a beautiful guest house that afforded me my most restful sleep yet. It is not that I haven't slept well here because I have. When you wait to go to sleep because you can't keep your eyes open any longer you are bound to sleep well. It is just that I was able to go to sleep earlier than I have so far on this trip (I think it was 10:30) and I slept in later than I have thus far (6:30 for sure). The bed was so comfortable and the flannel linens were so soft I can't even remember how long it took me to fall asleep. I am estimating that it was only a few seconds. When I woke it felt like I had slept for a few days so you can imagine how great that was.