dia cuatro - We did a school visit this morning to one of the most interesting schools I have ever seen. Liceo del Valle, a private school for boys on the outskirts of Guadalajara, is considered to be the premier private school program in the state of Jalisco and after spending some time with a few of their leaders today I can see why. It is a top-notch institution with a clear mission and very intentional decision-making. Besides having a beautiful campus this school has committed to environmental education and is looking for ways to expand their horizons.
It was great getting to know some of the teachers and administrators there and I plan on utilizing the connections I made to enhance my teaching back home. Our hosts showed tremendous hospitality and I hope to someday return the favor and to definitely stay in contact with them.

The students at the school enjoy basketball and soccer. Since I personally prefer basketball here is a basketball picture.
The afternoon was spent exploring a park near Guadalajara and then travelling to Autlan. The park reminded me of Central Park in a way - the walkways and the architecture of the buildings are similar. There was a meteorological station there that I would have like to investigate but it was closed.
Signage for the entrance to a meteorology observatory that I didn’t get a chance to see but from a distance.

The drive to Autlan was interesting… we rented a car to drive 300 km or so (~175 miles) of the most non-straightened roads imaginable with random speed bumps on a highway and your occasional cow in the road and a GPS that loves to remind you that it is “Recalculating”. Other than that the ride was uneventful but scenic.

Autlan is toward the western coast and it is known as “la puerta a la costa” or the doorway to the coast. Our elevation once again is way up there – I will provide details in tomorrow's blog post.