Mr. Hefti's Aventura en Mexico

I was very fortunate to be a part of a week-long biology curriculum trip to the Jalisco region of western Mexico through Crossing Boundaries, a professional development institute administered through Hobart & William Smith Colleges and Cornell University. I was there to learn more about biodiversity conservation efforts in that part of the country so that when I return from the trip I can be part of a curriculum development team. I was with a group of amazing people and experienced some extraordinary things that I hope will help me grow as a science educator.

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Click on the link in the first column to see pictures, videos and hear about what I was up to each day...
dia numero
dia uno
sabado - 12 de noviembre
travel day - itinerary and weather forecast posted
dia dos
domingo - 13 de noviembre
get acquainted w/ GDL; explore El Bosque Primavera; El Rancho
dia tres
lunes - 14 de noviembre
early AM bird-watching at the preserve; visit biology class; meet with environmentalist at the Universidad
dia cuatro
martes - 15 de noviembre
high school visits to spread the word about Crossing Boundaries conservation education program; travel to "el campo"
dia cinco
miercoles - 16 de noviembre
bird identification in mountains outside Autlan; Skype with students; visit green school; hike mountain overlooking city
dia seis
jueves - 17 de noviembre
more Skyping; science & technology education workshop for rural teachers; travel to Comala; do lots of u-turns; sleep in bed fit for a princess and re-pack suitcase so that everything I brought will actually fit back in there without damaging the zipper
dia siete
viernes - 18 de noviembre
bright and early departure for volcano near Colima; climb to over 14,000 feet in elevation and experience life in the volcano; travel to Tapalpa
dia ocho
sabado - 19 de noviembre
an "amazing" day in Tapalpa; drive back to Guadalajara; rest up for long day of travel
dia nueve
domingo - 20 de noviembre
travel home day; what was the trip like?