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James Hefti - Biology Teacher
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Pulaski Senior High School
4624 Salina Street
Pulaski, New York 13142
(315) 298-5103

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This is my site on the internet for hosting an assortment of pages. I am a big fan of the wiki because I can use it in whichever way I see fit.

I can post a slide show of teaching materials that I use in my environmental [[#|education program]]... make sure to view in full screen mode and turn up the volume on your speakers!

I can blog on here (as I did while I was in Mexico.)

I can post my students' work on here (click here for the most recent examples - the Genetics Disease Comprendia created by my biology students on December 1st and 2nd)

I can [[#|share files]] with other people all over the world (as I have with Mexican environmental educators)

I can post pictures, videos, sound files... The potential of the wiki can not be understated.

Hefti Students' Wiki: click here!